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Pepcee Packing Machines

A Perfect machine suitable for Popsical (Pepsicola), All types of Paste Packing Machines, Liquid Blue Packing Machines, Liquid Soaps Packing Machines, Emli Paste Packing Machines, etc.

Sailent Features for Pepcee Packing Machines

• Fully Automatic with Electronic Controller
• Easy Access to Control Points
• Automatic Indication for end of Film Roll
• Simple to Maintain
• The Machines are PLC Controlled as Per Requirment
• Twin Head Machines can have the Option of Independent Head    Operation

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Due to Continous R & D Machine. We are Producing Shape type Packing, Triangle type Machine & Tailormade Machines can be done.

Equipment and Devices

• Supplying Cnveyor
• Printer
• Gas Flushing
• Static Eliminator
• Film Tracking Control Device
• Pouch automatic Distribution
• Discharge Conveyor
• Gusset Device
• Perforation Device

All Specification are Subject of Chang Without Notice
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